Big Boggle Returns!

Boggle has been one of Parker Brothers’ flagship games since its invention by Alan Turoff  in 1972. Its fast-paced action set it apart from Scrabble, the other giant of the word game market, and its portability and relatively short play time made it an instant on-the-go favorite. Eager to expand on the success of this simple, addicting letter-crunching game, in 1979 Parker Brothers released Big Boggle, which was received with great enthusiasm by Boggle fans everywhere.

The original 1979 edition of Big Boggle.

Introducing nine extra letters into the field of play and prohibiting the scoring of three-letter words, Big Boggle offered a new level of challenge to veteran word-hunters. Big Boggle would be periodically re-released, at various times under the names Boggle Master and Boggle Deluxe, for decades to come, always finding an eager audience.

Unfortunately, despite its enduring popularity, Big Boggle was mysteriously discontinued by Parker Brothers. For years it has been unavailable in the United States under any name, although Hasbro continues to distribute the game across Europe. Here at Eureka, we receive requests for Big Boggle on a weekly basis, and are forced to disappoint our customers with the news that Hasbro (which owns Parker Brothers) no longer markets to the top-tier Boggling crowd.

At long last, Big Boggle has been rescued from its limbo. Winning Moves, a company that specializes in the preservation of classic games. In the past, Winning Moves has been responsible for the recovery of such standards as Parcheesi, Pass the Pigs, Payday and the classic editions of Risk and The Game of Life. Now it’s bringing back Big Boggle in a new edition with a timeless aesthetic.

The 2011 Big Boggle by Winning Moves.

We’re excited to carry Big Boggle once again at Eureka. If you’re a devoted word-finder or classic game aficionado, now is the time to pick up a copy!

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