Everyday Einstein – 4.21.2010

Here are some ABC Puzzles from Mark Roop. These puzzles start with a word, then one letter in the word is changed to A, then another is changed to B, and another is changed to C.

Example:   Start with DRUM and change U to A to get DRAM, then change M to B to get DRAB, then change D to C to get CRAB.

In these puzzles you just get the definitions.

(1) A song, a fish, an instrument, and a country.

(2) A movement, something twinkles, a wound, and its result.

(3) Going down, gone down, a place by the river, not in front.

(4) A little drink, a little snooze, a little grab, then something to hail.

(5) A little horse, a soft drink, a kind of tie, and a Spanish mouth.

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