Everyday Einstein – 6.29.2010

Get ready for summer cookouts or days on the Cape! Did you know that the names of some tasty fish and crustaceans hide other words? Helene Hovanec has discovered several things these fish hide in her book Ultimate Puzzle Challenge: Mind Mashers. To play along, cross out letters to see what word has the meaning next to the fish. Catch my drift?

Here’s one we’ll do for you:

SALMON : Male child: S A L M O N : SON

Now it’s your turn. When you hit the clam bake, can you find the right terms in these fish?

1. BLUEFISH: Turn red: _________________

2. FLOUNDER: Not against: _________________

3. ESCARGOT: Used a chair:___________________

4. STURGEON: Heavy weight: __________________

5. SHRIMP: That guy:________________________

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