Everyday Einstein – 7.19.2010

Have some spare time today? Chew on this puzzle inspired by Kurt Smith’s Logic Puzzles to Bend Your Brain.

Four friends are at a picnic. Four pies are ready for dessert. Not all of the friends like the same kind of pie, so they slice the four pies this way:

3 key lime slices

5 strawberry rhubarb slices

4 banana cream slices

4 chocolate mousse slices

Using the clues below, answer these questions: Which friend ate which kind of pie, and how many slices of each? Note: Each friend had four slices.

1. No one ate more than 3 slices of any one kind.

2. One of the slices, a key lime one, was chosen by Margaret. She also had a chocolate mousse pie.

3. Three of Andy’s choices were just one kind. One was chocolate mousse.

4. Two of the friends ate one of each kind.

5. Juan does not like strawberry rhubarb.

If you want to set up the grid, the four friends are





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