Everyday Einstein – 7.9.10

For anyone who knows recent graduates, here’s a dilemma sometimes given in interviews to see how creatively candidates think. And could legitimately happen in Boston, should the recent heat wave break into a storm.

From Paul Sloane and Des MacHale’s Colorful Lateral Thinking Puzzles:

“You are driving in your two-seater car [because it was easier to parallel park]on a wild, stormy night. You get a red light at the left turn next to an above ground T-stop. You see three people waiting for the T [it’s probably the C]:

– An old lady who looks as if she’s about to die

– An old friend who once saved your life

– The perfect person you have longed to meet.

Knowing that there is room for only one passenger in your car, what would you do, knowing you must meet everyone else’s needs?

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