Everyday Einstein – 8.20.2010

It’s Friday! You know what that means – getting together with friends or family for the weekend. Or maybe even starting one last road trip before Fall starts rustling up on us.

Here’s a new trivia game – in a book. Part Trivial Pursuit, part Balderdash, Gotcha! by Julian Biddle has players reading aloud statements in different categories. The reader’s goal – to fool other players into blurting the wrong answer.

Play along online with these sample questions:

From “Urban Legends”: “At least once a year an alligator is removed from the New York City sewer system.”

From History: “‘I do not choose to run’ was spoken by which person? A. Franklin D. Roosevelt B. Calvin Coolidge. C. Forrest Gump

and from Health: “Some studies have found that running at least one hour a day prevents hair loss in men.”

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