Everyday Einstein – 8.24.2010

From Logical Deduction Puzzles by George J. Summers:

” Arnold, Bob, Chris, and Dennis are stock brokers, one man of whom is the father of one of the other three men. One day when they were all at the stock exhcange, the men bought shares as described below:

1. Arnold bought only shares at $3 each; Bob bought only shares at $4 each; Chris only bought shares at $6 each; and Dennis bought only shares at $8 each.

2. The father bought the greatest number of shares, paying $72 altogether.

3. The son bought the least number of shares, paying $24 altogether.

4. The total money spent by the four men for their combined shares was $161.

Which one of the four men is the father? Which of the remaining men is his son?”

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