Exclusive Preorders for Forbidden Desert with Eureka!

Three years ago, local game company Gamewright released the hit cooperative game Forbidden Island, where players work together to collect four treasures from a sinking island and escape via helicopter, while the board they’re playing on disappears beneath them. From the get-go, Forbidden Island has been one of our best-sellers, and a consistent hit at our game nights, game camps and events.


Now, Gamewright is about to release the much-anticipated sequel, Forbidden Desert! In this new stand-alone game, players will cooperate to escape the desert by building an airship out of components hidden under the sand. Forbidden Desert takes the hostile-board theme of its predecessor, and gives it a challenging twist: periodic sandstorms shift the pieces of the board around, sometimes carrying characters or important components along, while accumulating sand buries areas ever deeper, and the hot sun bears down on the thirsty players…

Like Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert was created by Matt Leacock, who is best known for Pandemic, a game about medical personnel traveling the world to discover vaccines for three massive viral outbreaks before they consume the planet. Pandemic, a somewhat more complex game marketed for strategy game players, has established itself as America’s best-selling cooperative board game. His designing prowess once again shines in Forbidden Desert, as he puts forward a game simple enough for kids as young as 8 to pick up, yet layered and challenging enough for veteran strategy gamers to puzzle over!

If you are one of the many fans of Forbidden Island, or looking for a great new family strategy game to test your mettle, then we have great news – Eureka has partnered with Gamewright to offer exclusive preorders of Forbidden Desert! You can order the game on our website, or through our Amazon account, and we will ship it to you – or hold it for you in the store – as soon as it hits stores later this month!


And while you’re at it, you can also preorder Cube Quest, another great forthcoming Gamewright title that mixes strategy with dexterity as you launch cubes across the field of battle! Your army of cubes is made of many different soldiers, all with unique abilities, so you’ll have to think carefully before taking your shot. Knock out your opponent’s king and your name will become legend! Preorders of Cube Quest are also available on our website or Amazon.

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