Father’s Day at Eureka

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and we’re all in need of the latest gizmo or headscratcher. And Eureka is the place to get it! We have puzzles, gadgets and desktop ornaments to suit any budget.

Our mechanical puzzles span the range from the small Hanayama cast puzzles to intricate wooden burr puzzles. Grinan’s coin cut puzzles are jigsaws made from quarters, half-dollars and silver dollars – available in the Massachusetts state quarter, among others. The tavern puzzles, created by blacksmith Dennis Sucilsky, are designed to mimic horseshoe-and-ring puzzles displayed in country inns for centuries, and include both reproductions of antique puzzles and novel inventions to challenge the most veteran tinkerer. Or why not get Dad a nice bottle of wine and strap it into one of our Don’t Break the Bottle puzzles, available in metal or cork, to test his mettle before giving him his reward.

The metal edition of Don't Break the Bottle

If you’re looking to adorn Dad’s desk, try a classic Newton’s Cradle, or the Romp, a magnetic pendulum that swings erratically through a field of magnets. We also have a wide array of globes, including the Levitron, which hovers over an electromagnet, and the beautifully crafted and ingenious MOVA Globes. The MOVA Gloves, available in a variety of art styles, run entirely on solar power and the Earth’s own magnetic field, and will rotate at a constant, steady rate as long as they have sunlight.

The "Antique-style" MOVA Globe

Or perhaps you’re looking for a great project for Dad and the kids to work on together. In that case you’ll want to look through Eureka’s new greatly-expanded science section. Build a solar-powered robot or a digital recording studio; peer at sample slides through a home microscope, and project the images onto the TV with the Premiere Digital Microscope Eyepiece; or grow crystals with one of our many Space Age Crystal kits.

The Educational Insights Digital Recording Lab

Whatever Dad’s hobbies, follies and obsessions, Eureka is sure to have something to fascinate and excite him. Drop in before Father’s Day catches you off guard!

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