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Last month, the annual Spiel de Jahres winner was announced. The best game of the year is Dixit!

Published by Asmodee games, Dixit is a storytelling card game suitable for 3 to 6 players.  Each round, a player will select a beautifully illustrated card and compose a sentence about the picture. Other players must then select from their hand of six cards the image they think best matches the storyteller’s sentence. The storyteller shuffles his/her card in with all the submissions. Then all players bet on which card is the storyteller’s. Points are awarded based on how well the storyteller describes the card and tricking fellow players.

For added fun, players can continue the story from card to card, sentence-to-sentence. Like a mix of Apples to Apples, Balderdash, Once Upon a Time, and Luck of the Draw, Dixit is at once a familiar social game as well as its own unique creation – thanks to you! Our “party girl” blogger is thrilled a word/party game has beaten out all the strategy games to be considered the best of the year!

Dixit retails at Eureka for $34.95. We also have Dixit 2, an expansion pack with even more gorgeous images. That is $26.95. The Children’s Game of the Year Winner, The Magic Labyrinth is available for $29.95.

We also carry nominees Identik and Roll Through the Ages: the Bronze Age.

The Spiel de Jahres Award recognizes top merit in game design. A German-based committee reviews qualified games from the past 12 months and submits nominees in the early summer. A winner is selected based on 4 criteria:

  1. Game idea & originality
  2. Rule structure & clarity
  3. Presentation (art and parts)
  4. Game mechanics

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