Huge Influx of New Strategy Games!

In February, the Eureka staff traveled down to New York City to check out this year’s Toyfair, the premiere industry gathering of game and toy manufacturers in the United States. As always, one of our top priorities was finding the best new strategy titles of the year, and just this weekend, the first big shipments of our favorite discoveries reached the store. Among the titles, from Fantasy Flight and Ravensburger, that we just received are: Civilization, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Castles of Burgundy, The Adventurers, Wiz-War, Asara, Elder Sign, and many others. We’ll be bringing these games to our advanced game nights over the next several weeks, starting this Tuesday.


Some of these games, like Civilization and numerous expansions to Arkham Horror, have been on the market for a while and are long-awaited by our customers. Civilization, based on the classic Sid Meier PC game of the same name, is a sprawling game of expansion, economy, research and conquest set against the entire span of human history. Another stand-out well-established title is Wiz-War, which first hit the market in 1983 and is now returning in a revised edition with a new look and revamped rules. Wiz-War is a frantic, fast-paced duel between powerful wizards in a labyrinth, where players cast spells that do everything from slinging fireballs to transforming into a gnome to eating a wall. An ever-changing mix of strategy and blind chance, with an incredible sense of suspense, Wiz-War is a delightful medium-weight game making an eagerly anticipated return to the shelves.

ImageThere are also some excellent new titles for younger or less experienced strategy game players. The Hobbit is a great family-friendly game where players assume the roles of dwarves helping Bilbo on his adventure to the Lonely Mountain. As Bilbo travels on his quest, players use their cards to collect upgrades, compete for jewels and help Bilbo defeat the various goblins, wargs and elves he ventures past. For the more economically-minded beginner player, Asara is a competition between architects to build the most magnificent towers in the city of Asara. Players will have to use their buyers wisely to obtain the best materials, then put them together to construct elaborate towers looming over the skyline.

ImageAdvanced players will have new games of all styles to test out at our game nights. Elder Sign is a faster-paced rethinking of Arkham Horror, where players work together to banish an Ancient One from the Arkham Museum over a series of adventures and combats. The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus is a race through an Egyptian pyramid to collect treasure, where every step deeper into the tomb risks losing everything. The Castles of Burgundy is an acclaimed economic management game where princes of Burgundy must carefully plan out the settlement of their principalities to compete for trade, silver and technological advances.


You can try out all these new games – and more – at our Tuesday game nights, or stop by the store any time to have a look! Whether you’re an avid gamer or a parent looking for a casual game to play with your family, Eureka is constantly bringing in new titles to liven up your evenings!

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