Incredible New Puzzle Brought in From England

For all the veteran puzzlers out there, or anyone looking for a gift to stump the brainiac in the family, Eureka has just brought in an ingenious new mechanical puzzle from Ashton Pitt, Ltd. in England. In the classic genre of maze puzzles, which require puzzlers to complete a mechanical maze to unlock a puzzle, the Revomaze adds a twist that completely upturns the concept.

The Revomaze Obsession

In the Revomaze, the maze itself is completely invisible to the solver, hidden inside the puzzle’s shell! Players will have to use tactile clues, memory and deduction to decipher all the twists and turns of the concealed maze, avoiding traps that lock the mechanism in place and force you to start over from the beginning. Available in standard plastic or stylish metal designs, and a series of increasing difficulty levels, the Revomaze offers incredible variety for those who become addicted to its deductive style of play and smooth, intricate mechanism.

Three Revomazes from the Extreme V2 Series

The Revomaze presents a considerable challenge even to big puzzle fans – but thanks to the ability to make continuous progress and work your way a little farther through the maze with each attempt, it’s addictive even for more casual players who like a challenge! Best of all, when you finally solve the Revomaze, you can see the maze etched into the unlocked mechanism, confirming everything you’ve deduced about its layout – an exciting payoff! The Revomaze is one of the most unique and attention-grabbing new puzzles we’ve brought in – and Eureka is one of the first stores in the U.S. to carry it. If you or someone you know loves mechanical puzzles, this is a series you should not miss!

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