LiteHawk Planes, Ships and Choppers!

As the days heat up and summer gets into full swing, everyone is looking for some cool new toys and activities for the great outdoors. Eureka has been bringing in a whole host of kites, juggling and ball games, telescopes and other awesome outdoor gizmos for your summer plans, but one line of toys really stands out for kids and adults alike.

The LiteHawk Helicopter

We’ve been carrying the LiteHawk Helicopters for months, in both the small indoor and larger, heftier outdoor varieties, and they’ve been flying out the door – sometimes literally! The lightweight chassis and flexible rotors make these choppers far more durable than the typical model helicopter, which means kids can get past the inevitable learning curve involved in smooth piloting without damaging the model. They’re also incredibly responsive and capable of delicate aerial maneuvering.

The LiteHawk Zoom Plane

We’ve enjoyed playing with the LiteHawks so much, we leapt at the chance to pick up their expanded line of cool new vehicles! Completing their helicopter line, the tandem, dual-rotor Duo has greater indoor maneuverability than ever before. Also joining the skies is the Zoom, LiteHawk’s first plane, which reaches heights and speeds the helicopters can’t, with all of the product line’s trademark durability and ease of use. And finally, LiteHawk is taking to the seas with the Charger powerboat, which races through the water by creating a cushion of air underneath it, and Whisper sailboat, which uses the wind and currents themselves for its motive force, just like traditional sailboats. These watercraft are perfect for hot summer days by the pool or lakeside!

The LiteHawk Charger Powerboat

If you’re looking for a great outdoor activity for your kids now that school is out and the sun beckons, head over to Eureka and check out the incredible LiteHawk series, and our many other lines of summer games and toys!

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