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For years, Eureka has been bringing you custom-made jigsaw puzzles in a variety of sizes and materials, as beautiful personalized gifts or hand-picked challenges for avid puzzlers. Now we’re teaming up with Map Marketing, Ltd. of London to introduce a new set of customized puzzles commemorating the dates and places that mean the most to you.

First, there’s the New York Times headline puzzle. Just choose a date – your birthday, your anniversary, the day your grandfather arrived in America – and we’ll put together a jigsaw of the New York Times headline from that day, going all the way back to 1888. The puzzle is nearly the exact same size as a real newspaper front page.

Then there’s the world map puzzle, which recreates a political map of the world from a year of your choice, complete with all countries and borders then in existence, and framed with major headlines from that year.

A custom world map puzzle from the year 1959.

Finally, we now offer two smaller-scale map puzzles showing your hometown – or any other location of special meaning to you – and the surrounding areas. One variety uses a satellite photo of the region, and the other displays a topographical map, allowing you to pinpoint your home, your birthplace or the town where you were married on the map as you construct the jigsaw.

All these puzzles come in 400 pieces and include a personalized message, designed by you, that the recipient will discover as he or she completes the puzzle. Give us a call at (617) 738-7352, or email us at, to order a customized headline or map puzzle today! And as always, Eureka can turn any image you send us into a puzzle of between 30 and 1000 pieces, made to order!

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