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Over the past year, Eureka has hugely expanded its catalogue of science toys and kits. We’re always looking for new home experiments, inventions and scientific novelties, and we’re developing a keener sense of what families are looking for in the realm of science. In recent weeks, we’ve brought in a wide range of brand-new science products, including a giant kit regarding the Science of Special Effects, a kit of experiments you can perform with your dog or cat (ethically, of course!), and a series of working reproductions of Leonardo DaVinci’s inventions.

The Science of Special Effects, by Educational Insights

However, two new series in particular have really captured our customers’ imaginations. The first is a large assortment of miniature home greenhouse kits by DuneCraft. These self-contained environments, in a range of sizes, allow you to grow plants native to all kinds of climates, from the desert to the wetlands to the rainforest, together in your home.

The Carnivorous Creations dome from Dunecraft

These kits may be practical, like the herb garden and farmer’s garden, or have a whole range of exciting themes, from carnivorous plants, to biblical plants, to plants that have been living on Earth since the time of the dinosaurs. They all make growing and caring for plants easy for children as young as 5, and provide the perfect environment for their plants even in the temperamental New England climate.

Our favorite new science toy, meanwhile, is a neat new invention we picked up at Toyfair in New York. The FunFly Stick uses static electricity to shape and control three-dimensional figures hovering in the air.

The basic FunFly Stick kit from Unitech Toys

Easy to use, with a variety of tricks that users can learn with a little practice, the FunFly Stick guides orbs, discs, hourglasses and butterflies through the air, giving the user a feeling of almost wizardly power. Keeping multiple shapes in motion at once is a tricky juggling feat, and users working together – or against one another in duels! – can enact elaborate aerial acrobatics. To give you a taste of the FunFlyers in action, check out this video from Toyfair!

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