Spotlight on Science: 4D Master Puzzles

Let’s face it: one of the major reasons kids are so fascinated by science is that it appeals to their irrepressible desire to take things apart. Robotics kits, ever among our most popular items at Eureka, afford kids a firsthand look at the mechanical innards of their toys and channel that urge to look inside into an educational view of how machines work.

And we have another series of scientific toys that reveals the intricate, messy interiors of a different branch of science: biology.

The 4D Vision Frog Skeleton

The 4D Master puzzles are detailed models of various animals’ skeletal, muscular, nervous and organ systems, which children have the opportunity to assemble and disassemble as they learn the basics of anatomy and the differences between distinct classes of the animal kingdom. Kids can dissect frogs, dogs, horses and hercules beetles without ever getting their hands dirty. And the 4D Human series also goes into greater focus on specific parts of human anatomy, from the eye to the heart to the head.

The 4D Human Deluxe Heart

The 4D Master sets combine puzzle-solving with a fascinating look at how organisms work on the inside, and their detail and full-color aesthetic makes them great desk pieces as well. Stop by Eureka and have a look inside!

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