Spotlight on Science: Solar Vehicles

Eureka’s brand-new science department continues to expand by the day, with ever more kits, labs, gizmos and robots filling our shelves. We now have over two hundred science items in the store for budding chemists, engineers, astronomers or just casual tinkerers.

One collection sure to capture the heart 0f every child raised in the age of Power Rangers, Transformers and the green movement is the solar vehicle series from Owi.

The Six-in-One Educational Solar Kit

These kits are designed to be used by children with little or no experience of electronics, and demonstrate how sunlight can be used to power a small motor. We carry over a dozen of the Owi kits, several of which contain all the pieces for multiple vehicles, and the range of motions these robots can perform is incredible. From simple cars, boats and planes to flipping grasshoppers, racing chariots and the fearsome Attacking Inchworm, the Owi automatons transform the sun’s energy into any number of mechanical maneuvers.

The Frightened Grasshopper Solar-Powered Bug

Appropriate for kids as young as eight (younger with some help from mom and dad), requiring only tools found in any home workshop and beginning at just $11.95, these kits are perfect toys and projects as spring and summer arrive. Launch the Valiant Viking Ship across a pond, set the Walking King Crab scuttling across the sidewalk, or set up a rope line between two tress and watch the Aerial Cable Car zip back and forth – all while learning principles of engineering and design.

The Amphibious Solar Car

Best of all, these kits embody environmental values of renewable power. The next generation of children’s robots has arrived, and it draws its power from the sun! Stop by Eureka to check out these and dozens of other amazing science toys to inspire the curious young minds in your family.

The T3 Transforming Solar Robot

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