Strategy Can Be Fun(ny)

Eureka’s resident party-game girl loves anything that makes her laugh and have fun. Hence why sh sneaks out demos of Buzz-It and Quelf. Strategy games are the last things on her radar. Until they infiltrate her favorite media, that is. Recently, two comics (whose content ranges from G – if the children don’t get the joke – to NSFW) focused on two strategy games that frequent Eurekas can’t get enough of:

First, from PvPonline (Player vs. Player)

Forbidden Island is the latest from Matt Leacock.  For “socialist” gamers, this game gently introduces you into strategic play, but you still get to communicate congenially with friends. Contrary to the comic, Forbidden Island IS a game, a great game at that. Families with kdis 8+ as well as young adults who still can’t win against Pandemic (Leacock’s other offering) and won’t dare to try Shadows over Camelot. The island is always sinking, so you do have danger – just not from dastardly co-players.If you really, really want to throw your friends under the bus, Shadows does allow for a player to be a traitor.

And then, this morning, we saw (Warning, the insinuations may be PG-13):

What does the party-game girl think of the first Agricola commentary? Apparently, it is fun enough to distract you from, erm, RPG. Although, she’s a little wary of a game that has you trading grain. It has you populating a community, farming, and managing resources. If you’ve ever dreamt you could be an awesome mayor or supreme overlord, you can test out your socialist (no pun intended this time) or capitalist theories. Do you focus solely on building your own little empire or do you react to what other managers are doing? The one drawback, referenced by the maid, seems to be that the starting player gets a significant advantage merely based on turn of play.

Who’s played these games? Share a funny story about one particularly epic game in the comments.

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