Sudoku Variants and Book Signing by George Heineman!

Eureka is proud to be one of the area’s top sources for Sudoku puzzles, with dozens of titles from numerous authors spanning every level of difficulty. In addition to traditional Sudoku, we carry Kenken and a variety of creative variations: Calcu-Doku, Paint-Doku, LITS, Ripple Effect and a collection from Will Shortz entitled “Beyond Sudoku” that includes five lesser-known Japanese puzzle styles.

Now we’re pleased to introduce the latest in Sudoku variants: Sujiken, newly invented by George Heineman.

A Sample Sujiken Puzzle

Sujiken divides the traditional Sudoku grid in half, but adds an extra challenge: numbers must now be unrepeated along the diagonal in addition to within rows, columns and boxes. The first book-length collection, created by Heineman himself, has just been released by Puzzlewright, and is already available at Eureka.

Heineman's Brand-New Sujiken Collection

Even more exciting, the author will be in Eureka on Saturday, June 4 for a book signing! Heineman is a local puzzle enthusiast, a Professor of Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and avid Sudoku creator and solver. Stop by Eureka on June 4 to ask questions about Sudoku and Sujiken, pick up Sudoku on the Half Shell and check out our whole catalog of Sudoku and its relatives!

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