The Great Experiment

For the past several weeks, Eureka has been preparing for a major transformation. We’ve been clearing out a large section in the back of the store to make room for a huge expansion of our selection of science kits. Now the metamorphosis is complete: our back wall is loaded with all-new scientific items for all ages!

With our incredible new assortment of science kits, kids as young as 5 can build robots, cars and boats; grow plants and track animals; make their own soap, perfume and paper; and locate the stars and planets in the sky or the DNA in a tomato; all while learning principles of engineering, biology, geology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and more! From circuit boards to forensic labs, from planetariums to hydroponic gardens, help your kids transform their rooms into their own miniature workshops and laboratories!

With over seventy kits from all fields of science – and still expanding – we now offer by far the largest variety of scientific products for young minds in the area. If your son loves Mythbusters, check out our series that reconstructs the show’s most memorable experiments! If your daughter is fascinated by history, browse through our Leonardo da Vinci series, which allows you to build models of ten of his most extraordinary inventions! Whatever your child’s interests, there’s opportunity to foster a love of curiosity and learning that will endure for a lifetime. Stop by Eureka and see what’s new!

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