The Year of the Brain

As we enter the new year, people across the country are steeling themselves once again for the endless, and endlessly rewarding, task of self-improvement. Now is the time to renew that gym membership, haul the guitar down from the attic, dust off the vegetarian cookbook, join the local indoor soccer league, strike up a conversation with the girl in the next cubicle.

Or perhaps you could devote 2011 to your brain.

Puzzles and board games alike have undergone something of a Renaissance over the past decade, and there’s never been a better occasion to get involved in the ever-widening circle of enthusiasts whose idea of a good time puts the mind front and center. In December, the New York Times ran a special feature on “The Puzzle Moment,” with a series of articles exploring both the growing demand for puzzles of all kinds, and new research that shows how solving puzzles improves mental dexterity and acuity – at any age, and whatever one’s previous experience. Neurologists like Richard Restack (whose new book, The Playful Brain, is on sale at Eureka) celebrate puzzle-solving as an accessible and engaging method of cognitive self-improvement, while designers the world over are crafting ever more complex and ingenious puzzles for the veteran solver.

Here at Eureka, we’re excited to be a part of this phenomenon, and we invite all the residents of Brookline and beyond to hone their minds with our selection of over six thousand puzzles and games of all varieties. So whether you’ve solved the 7×7 Rubik’s or haven’t laid hands on a puzzle since you put together jigsaws with your grandmother as a kid, why not make 2011 the year of the brain?

Be sure to follow our blog this year as we discuss new products, great events and a few odds and ends to simply ponder. Here’s to another year of thinking and having fun!

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