Tomorrow… The World!

In response to repeated requests, Eureka has expanded its line of globes, so you too can take over… the world!

Our ever popular line of MOVA globes continues to attract attention in our store window, drawing passers by inside to ask, “How does that work?” The answer is that the MOVA series runs entirely on solar power and the earth’s own magnetic field, as sunlight penetrates the interior globe and powers a small photovoltaic motor. As long as these high-end, exquisitely rendered globes have access to just a small amount of direct light, they will continue to rotate at a constant pace. At Eureka, we’ve just brought in an exciting addition to the series: a starmap globe, showing the positions of various constellations relative to the Earth’s surface.

The MOVA Starmap Globe

We’ve also recently added a line of globes from the George F. Cram Company, an educational company who have been publishing maps since 1867. These finely detailed, beautifully designed globes come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any taste and budget, including a few with internal illumination to aid reference.

The "Huntington" Style 12" Antique Globe from George F. Cram Co.

Finally, the IQ series of globes from Stellanova put an educational spin (apologies for the pun) on the world. This series comes in four varieties – an antique style, a contemporary political map, a satellite map and a starmap – each with its own unique set of quiz cards, asking themed questions about history, human geography, natural geography, exploration, politics and the constellations. Small, attractive and loaded with information, the IQ globes make excellent gifts for children just learning about their place in the world.

The Political IQ Globe with Question Cards

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